Cosmopolitropics: Animist Diplomacy in São Paulo

Peter Skafish
Late last spring, two hundred students and researchers in Sao Paulo defied the political and economic backslide in Brazil in a particularly audacious way: they let a well-known witch lead them in a spiraling ritual dance and invocatory chant aimed at regenerating the land on which the city was built...
silk road

The New Silk Road and Logistical Geopolitics

No longer characterized as the armies of rival forces, the main opponents of the development of territorial domination and extraction of resources are at the same time abstract and in the flesh. Logistical warfare operates through a more subtle, yet pervasive logic, one that is predicated through th...

Waiting in Drum Village, China

Vickie Zhang
Waiting has become a characteristic condition of contemporary inequality. And yet, waiting does not mean that life stops flowing in Drum Village. As the glue of quotidian encounters, living is populated with all kinds of waiting: those insidious, but also those innocuous, those necessary, those enab...

A hostile environment

Out of the Woods
The persistence of Trumpist policies; and the authorization of widespread nationalism and violence requires not a doubling down on the liberal, multicultural nation, but instead an abolition of the oikonomic race-family-nation nexis. The perennial peddlers of green alibis for national borders, and g...

Intro – Beyond binaries and boundaries in ‘social reproduction’

Max Andrucki, Caitlin Henry, Will McKeithen, and Sarah Stinard-Kiel
A series of multivalent forces unleashed by successive rounds of capital accumulation are reconfiguring life at its most fundamental level—migration, state restructuring, climate change, technological innovation, gentrification, neo-populism, and beyond. Relationships, bodies, and whole worlds are...

A Whale Music Playlist by Max Ritts

Max Ritts
Whale music was celebrated at a time when “the environment” had suddenly entered the collective consciousness of millions of white middle-class North Americans. It represented an unlikely convergence of things: underwater sounds, advances in audio production, a growing consumer base, eco-minded...

Everyday Anti-Racism on Campus

Deborah Cowen
Racism not only surfaces within, but sculpts the experience of everyday life in the University. Racism works by keeping many things out: particular bodies from lecture halls, but also particular ideas, histories, and authors from pedagogies. Racism also works by what is kept inside the institution,...





The current issue of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space is volume 36, issue 2. It includes articles by Vickie Zhang (on reading migration decisions through ‘mobilities’ thinking), Dan Bulley and Heather Johnson (on ethics and airport space), Merav Amir and Hagar Kotef (on ‘abnormality’ and security screening), Eray Çaylı (on conspiracy theories as spatial practice), Cecilie Sachs Olsen (on the complicities of politicized art in neoliberal urbanism), Martín Tironi & Matías Valderrama (on cycling in the ‘smart city’), Rhys Jones and Mark Whitehead (on the psychological sciences and public policy), Alan Bradshaw and Stephen Brown (on J.G. Ballard’s novel High Rise), and Gareth Edwards and Harriet Bulkeley (on the urban politics of climate change).