The Post-Trump Desire for Hope

Claes Tängh Wrangel
Three points that I feel every desire towards hope should bear in mind: There is no genuine hope; There is not one hopeful subject; and Hope is not the future. Demand that we replace the desire for hope with a desire towards a different and better future. That we act not for hope, but of hope—reco...

S-Town, Shit World

Christina Belcher
McLemore was more than a queer stuck in Alabama, and his life should not be reduced to that narrative. But he was a queer stuck in Alabama nonetheless. One who bemoaned, and yet rationalized, his decision to stay. Because what’s a shit town in a shit world, anyway?

Revisiting cyborg GIS: a conversation with Nadine Schuurman

Agnieszka Leszczynski and Nadine Schuurman
An injunction to revive a critical GIS that can be useful in the face of encroaching geosurveillance and other geo problems of the 21st century has to go back to Haraway’s fundamental truth that we created and can recreate the cyborg.
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Walls! Walls! Walls!

Claudio Minca and Alexandra Rijke
Walls do not block migrants’ mobility. Rather, they make these people evaporate and reappear elsewhere, where another wall may soon be erected. Our point is that not only migrants endlessly trespass the walls built to stop them, but that trespass is an inherent part of the walling processes.

Landscape struggles, environmental hegemonies and the politics of urban design

Alvaro Sevilla-Buitrago
What would a Central Park designed by proletarians look like? How would such a subaltern landscape differ from the creatures of nineteenth-century bourgeois pastoral taste that we have come to identify with urban nature? Would Manhattan’s structure and social space have been radically changed by s...

Exiting the Costa del Sol? Encountering a British Seniors Club during Brexit

Rebekah Miller
For retired British migrants who have chosen to live, and possibly die, in the Costa del Sol, their sense of home may be shifting as a direct consequence of "Brexit"... The referendum result has raised questions about what it means to be British. 'I actually feel a bit ashamed to be British. But I'm...





Issue 3 of the 2017 volume of EPD: Society and Space is now online! It includes articles by Nicky Gregson, Mike Crang and Constantinos N Antonopoulos (on logistics and the ‘global warehouse’), Weiqiang Lin (on vertical surveillance in civil aviation), Derek McCormack (on elemental infrastructures), David Seitz (on the asylum seeker as queer subject), Andrew Davies (on exile, subaltern geographies and the politics of friendship), Yamini Narayanan (on ‘subaltern animism’ in Indian cities), Isla Forsyth (on animals and military geographies), David Leek and Ligia TL Simonian (on the political ecology of education in the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement), and Kolson Schlosser (on the psychotopologies of vampire fiction). The issue concludes with a review essay by Christine Bichsel covering three recent books in German on violence as a human condition.