I’ve recently completed work as the managing editor of a five volume compilation of papers from the four Environment and Planning journals. This is a collaborative venture between Pion, who publish the journals, and Sage. The first four volumes take papers from the four journals, and are edited by the current or recent editors of those journals. The fifth volume takes papers from all four journals across themes of common interest, and is edited by us all.

The collection is designed for libraries that don’t have access to the archive of these journals, and is priced accordingly. The only pieces in the collection that are not otherwise available are the introductions. My introduction to volume D: Society and Space, which provides a brief history of the journal is available here—Society and Space – Writing its History—open access.

Thanks to Sage for permission to make this available, and Amye Kenall at Pion for design and layout.

You can find more details of the collection on the Sage website.

—Stuart Elden

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