Over the past several years, former Society and Space Editor Stuart Elden has been working with Sage on a Society and Space book series, which is linked to the journal. There are several books under contract or in discussion, with the first two volumes due to be published very soon. The series description is as follows:

The Society and Space series explores the fascinating relationship between the spatial and the social. Each title draws on a range of modern and historical theories to offer important insights into the key cultural and political topics of our times, including migration, globalisation, race, gender, sexuality and technology. These stimulating and provocative books combine high intellectual standards with contemporary appeal for students of politics, international relations, sociology, philosophy, and human geography.


The first book to be published will be Dan Bulley’s Migration, Ethics and Power: Spaces of Hospitality in International PoliticsThe book’s description states: “Hospitality can take many different forms and have many diverse purposes. But wherever it occurs, the boundaries that enable it and make it possible are both created and unsettled via exercises of power and their resistance. Through modern examples including refugee camps, global cities, postcolonial haringtates and Europe, as well as analysis of Derridean and Foucauldian concepts, Migration, Ethics and Power explores: the process and practice of hospitality; the spaces that hospitality produces, and; the intimate relationship between ethics and power.”


Bulley’s book will be closely followed by Francisco Klauser’s Surveillance and SpaceIts description states: “The digital age is also a surveillance age. Today, computerized systems protect and manage our everyday life; the increasing number of surveillance cameras in public places, the computerized loyalty systems of the retail sector, geo-localized smart-phone applications, or smart traffic and navigation systems.” By exploring the complex and varied interactions between surveillance and space,  Surveillance and Space “advances a programmatic reflection on the very possibility of a ‘political geography of surveillance’.”

Other books under contract include Marcus Doel’s Violent Geographies, Shiloh Krupar and Greig Crysler’s The Waste Complex and Ross Exo Adams’ Circulation and Urbanization. Plenty more in development and discussion. Anyone interested in talking with Stuart about the series should email him.

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