Cosmopolitropics: Animist Diplomacy in São Paulo

Peter Skafish
April 3, 2018
Late last spring, two hundred students and researchers in Sao Paulo defied the political and economic backslide in Brazil in a particularly audacious way: they let a well-known witch lead them in a spiraling ritual dance and invocatory chant aimed at regenerating the land on which the city was built...
silk road

The New Silk Road and Logistical Geopolitics

March 27, 2018
No longer characterized as the armies of rival forces, the main opponents of the development of territorial domination and extraction of resources are at the same time abstract and in the flesh. Logistical warfare operates through a more subtle, yet pervasive logic, one that is predicated through th...

Waiting in Drum Village, China

Vickie Zhang
February 13, 2018
Waiting has become a characteristic condition of contemporary inequality. And yet, waiting does not mean that life stops flowing in Drum Village. As the glue of quotidian encounters, living is populated with all kinds of waiting: those insidious, but also those innocuous, those necessary, those enab...

A hostile environment

Out of the Woods
November 22, 2017
The persistence of Trumpist policies; and the authorization of widespread nationalism and violence requires not a doubling down on the liberal, multicultural nation, but instead an abolition of the oikonomic race-family-nation nexis. The perennial peddlers of green alibis for national borders, and g...

Intro – Beyond binaries and boundaries in ‘social reproduction’

Max Andrucki, Caitlin Henry, Will McKeithen, and Sarah Stinard-Kiel
October 31, 2017
A series of multivalent forces unleashed by successive rounds of capital accumulation are reconfiguring life at its most fundamental level—migration, state restructuring, climate change, technological innovation, gentrification, neo-populism, and beyond. Relationships, bodies, and whole worlds are...

A Whale Music Playlist by Max Ritts

Max Ritts
October 25, 2017
Whale music was celebrated at a time when “the environment” had suddenly entered the collective consciousness of millions of white middle-class North Americans. It represented an unlikely convergence of things: underwater sounds, advances in audio production, a growing consumer base, eco-minded...

Everyday Anti-Racism on Campus

Deborah Cowen
October 7, 2017
Racism not only surfaces within, but sculpts the experience of everyday life in the University. Racism works by keeping many things out: particular bodies from lecture halls, but also particular ideas, histories, and authors from pedagogies. Racism also works by what is kept inside the institution,...

Investigating Infrastructures, a forum

Deborah Cowen
October 3, 2017
In the sample of work below, you will find creative engagement with infrastructure in its seemingly banal and innocuous forms, like the jersey barrier, or the airport washroom. Some authors focus instead on the affective, intimate, and aspirational dimensions of infrastructure in engagements with im...
Drawings as one form of ‘childish knowledge’

Disqualified knowledges and theory building

Kirsi Pauliina Kallio
September 12, 2017
As a political geographer whose work has concentrated on the everyday lives and agencies of children, I sometimes find that my research materials are considered unsuitable for building generally applicable theoretical ideas. Children’s everyday lives seem to comprise "disqualified knowledges"

Waiting and claiming rights: precarities of settler colonial recognition

Mikko Joronen
July 25, 2017
Palestinian right to claim rights may have been theatrically recognized, but the alleviation of precarities prolonged, delayed and denied. In them, political recognition constitutes a settler colonial technique of government, where it is precisely recognition of rights that is used to promote precar...
Picture 1

Policing Knowledges and Technologies: Making Aggression Visible

Francisca Gromme
July 11, 2017
Technologies do not only perform their intended roles, such as "prevention," monitoring, tracking, and surveillance. They shape and are shaped by the social spaces they are applied in, and do this in relation to existing bodies of knowledge.

Trump and Immigration Enforcement: The First 100 Days

Austin Kocher
July 4, 2017
In the weeks and months following the election and inauguration of Donald Trump, I spent much of my time responding to concerns from friends that ICE would come for them or their family, meeting with city officials about how meaningful policy changes could protect immigrants, and creating space for...

The Post-Trump Desire for Hope

Claes Tängh Wrangel
June 13, 2017
Three points that I feel every desire towards hope should bear in mind: There is no genuine hope; There is not one hopeful subject; and Hope is not the future. Demand that we replace the desire for hope with a desire towards a different and better future. That we act not for hope, but of hope—reco...

S-Town, Shit World

Christina Belcher
June 6, 2017
McLemore was more than a queer stuck in Alabama, and his life should not be reduced to that narrative. But he was a queer stuck in Alabama nonetheless. One who bemoaned, and yet rationalized, his decision to stay. Because what’s a shit town in a shit world, anyway?
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